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Ultracab is a leading name when it comes to flexible cable manufacturers in India. As your electricity requirements vary according to various purposes, your cables and wires needs have also become diversified. Thus, we handle all your requirements on the basis of your use case. When cables are designated to work with mobile objects, flexibility comes into the picture, since the cables are expected to move along with the component.

These flexible cables are also known as continuous-flex cables and are generally bunched or looped together, demanding the cable to be reasonably flexible. We are flexible cable manufacturers that can handle all of your cables and wires requirements, even on short notice.

Flexing cables are not to be confused with flexible cables, as the former is used for a flexing motion, while the latter only provides better flexibility. The demand for flexible cables originated from the automation industry where the cables would fail to perform inside the cable carriers while the carriers stayed intact. This rigidity in the cables resulted in severe faults in heavy production lines and led to huge losses.

Who Needs Flexible Cable Manufacturers?

There is a demand for flexible cables in your business if you work with any of the following-

• Machine tools
• Data processing equipment
• Drag chain applications
• Production assembly lines
• Robotics
• Automation
• Computer hardware

At Ultracab wires and cables, we use the best quality of raw materials, thereby maintaining our quality benchmarks. We are flexible cable manufacturers for your needs ranging from residential and household lightings to industrial lighting purposes.

Ultracab – Flexible Cable Manufacturers Who Handle All Cabling Needs
There are various applications of flexible cables beyond their looping capacity. Some of these are-

Rolling flex: This kind of flexing motion is seen in linear movement such as that in cable track systems.

Bending flex: In a bending flex motion, the stress on the cable comes from a repeated motion at a fixed point, that is, from lateral motion.

Torsional flex: This kind of flexing motion is common where the cable twists and turns in a circular motion about its axis.

Variable flex: This category could include any combination of the previously mentioned flexing motions.

At Ultracab, we manufacture flexible cables with the utmost precision and quality raw materials. Our classification of different flexible cables can be broadly stated in the following categories-

Layered conductor cables : Here, the conductors within the cable are stranded and laid in parallel to each other. This process of flexible cables manufacturing is cheaper and easier as compared to its alternative.

Bundled/Braided conductor cables: In this process, the conductors are braided out to remove the multi-layer design. As the layers are eliminated, there is a uniform radius for all the bending conductors.

We are flexible cables manufacturers who also manufacture the third type of cables called the continuous flexible cable, wherein, all sorts of movements are taken care of. These cables are highly popular in robotics applications, where a cable can undergo all kinds of stresses.

Contact us for all you flexible cables needs, today!

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