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Is It True? Submarine Power Cables Affect Marine Life?

Electric power cable manufacturers explain whether submarine power cable put any bad impact on marine ecosystem or not through this post.

There is a lot of renewable energy off the coasts in strong ocean winds, currents, and waves. Submarine power cables have potential to transport offshore energy back to land, but researchers are just starting to understand how these cables might influence marine ecosystems.

When the electricity runs through the power cables, they release an electromagnetic field that several marine creatures can feel. There are some marine animals that use the Earth’s magnetic field to direct their migratory movements, while others use it to detect prey.

EMF of underground cable virtually undetectable on the seafloor surface

Researchers often fear that power cables running on the seafloor will be detected by the marine organisms and it will affect their behavior. To find the truth, the team set out to determine the strength and EMF reach emitted by the cables. The hot cables release around 100 microteslas. However, the field dissipated quickly away from the submarine cable itself.

Cable function often finds the developed effects on the cable environment during installation, operation and decommissioning.

There are typically two technical solutions for power transmission through subsea cables- Alternating Current (AC) transmission and Direct Current (DC) transmission. The transmission system choice is determined by both the length and capacity of the transmission line.

Subsea cables are buried to decrease the risk of damage caused by fishing gear and anchors. Companies offering subsea cable installation services have developed laying vessels and sophisticated cable laying machinery to optimize cable installation under several laying conditions.

Cable installation duration is not only a cost factor, but also a critical aspect for developed environmental impacts.

Where hard seabed occurs or where in area there is high risk of cable damage may need some type of shielding. Protection may be done in form of a rock-mattress cover, cable anchoring, cast iron shells, rock dumping or ducting.

Researchers have only few information on potential noise impacts occur due to the removal or installation and operation of subsea cables.

The noise, heat dissipation, electromagnetic fields, contamination, and disturbance are the areas where researchers are still making their studies and finding the harms of them on marine environment.

Electric Power Cable Manufacturers have shared this post with global readers to let them know about the impact of submarine cables on marine environment.

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