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You Can Not Use Instrumental Cables As Speaker Cables!

As we all have seen and know that piano or guitar chords and speaker cables are different and cannot be exchanged with each other. But most of the time we don’t know why we should not change or replace one with the other kind and here is why we should not exchange these.

Now if we have a look at the properties of these two kinds, we must understand the need of frequency and audacity of these two are a lot different than the other. Whereas the guitar needs a little power supply DC current and a light connection to the amp just to carry the audio to the amp where amp would auto set this to a level of audacity where as a speaker needs a powerful connection between itself and the amp to multiple the audacity level and a higher voltage of DC current supply to outright equipment failure. Some Manufacturers are Recommending Multicore Cables.

A confusion between the two cables arises due to the similarity of 1/4'” phone plug connector but there are a lot of differences between the two kind such as amp instrument cable is a low powered device but need high resistance. Its job consist sending weak unamplified signals from the instrument to the amplifier which boosts the frequency of the signals to the usable audacity level where it matches the outright sounds. So the cable doesn’t needs to carry a lot of signal strength weight. A minimal of current would do suffice and so is a single cable of a small diameters enough to carry that load shielded by a conductor which would work as a ground connection and insulators would work as an outer jacketing this small lightweight wire which makes itself flexible and easy to carry around the stage when one needs to have it on stage.

The speaker cable is completely different than the one we use in guitars if we look at it closely. It needs a high voltage power and low resistance as it needs to convey the strongest signals from the amp to the speakers, therefore high AC current and lowest resistance. It needs two strong connection wires to carry this much of load from the amp to the speakers.

Instrumentation Cables Manufacturers want to clear that using an instrument cable to the speakers may end-up wasting the cable due to high heat and if not the result of speaker volume would be next to none as per the actual capacity of the speaker audacity.

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