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An insight into instrumental cables and their working

With a lot of cables flooded in the market and each differing in terms of specific performance and functionality, the Indian cable manufacturers have made it big to various industries in India and also abroad.

There are various kinds of cables like thermocouple cables, halogen cables, solar cables, optical cables and few other specially made cables to perform various significant functions. However, there are a section of cables that are relatively less known but have grabbed some major space in the cable arena and they are the instrumentation cables.

Though the instrumentation cables look similar to their thick sheathed counterparts, their performance is way beyond what their look-alikes do, for these are not any basic standard cables. They are exclusively made to transmit signals in between two specific points with absolutely zero distortion.

The instrumentation cables in India are a make of 99% of pure copper which is best known for superior conductivity, elongation and super flexibility, all merged in one. With an insulation of high standard PVC, these cables are quite capable of bearing extreme temperatures as high as over 85 degrees Celsius.

Dissimilar to the regular cables that possess a single sheath protection, the instrumentation cables have multi-protective barriers that facilitate easy functioning even under high temperature exposure situations.

While the thickness of these cables ranges from a minimum of 0.3mm to a maximum of 20-50 microns, these are mostly used for industrial applications where power generating and distributing are two major tasks. These cables are best used in engineering and micro-processing sections. The Indian manufacturers meticulously make these in par with the international standards and are totally reliable, durable and are of superior quality.

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