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How to recognize the best control cables?

Cables vary in types and specifications, for they are exclusively designed to render certain specified functions. The performance of any cable depends highly on the quality of raw materials used to make it. Cables can be differentiated by their distinguished making and control cables are mostly confused for power cables.

Here in this write up, you will understand the thin line difference in between power cables and control cables; and you will also understand how to recognize the best quality control cables.

Control cables as their name reflects, actually control the functioning of any given equipment by sending desired signals. These cables belong to the instrumentation category and therefore they enable distribution of signals with low voltage. Control cables are exclusively made for controlling automation and thus they possess a copper conductor that is covered in electrified steel braid.

Though the control cables are usually used for areas that need anything less than an ampere, these are capable of carrying signals that range up to 40 volts. These have a PVC insulation which safeguards them from harsh environmental conditions.

Just like the power cables, control cables also are available in varied types each of which are made to suit specified automation. While power cables are capable of carrying both high and low energies from sources to machines, control cables come with a great resistance to interference, making them an ideal choice when one needs a cable to send low voltage signals.

Control cables though are specifically for low voltage signals, they come with a superior resistance to distortion or interference of other signals, thereby making them a perfect pick for low voltage signal sending from sources to equipment.

It’s important to pick the right quality control cable just to make sure it lasts long. Firstly, you must know that control cables are made using three metals namely copper, aluminum and silver. Control cables made with these three metals only are reliable and best.

Copper cables are known for their anti-abrasive and non-magnetic features and therefore they can be used with no worry of wear and tear. Aluminum cables which have a great mechanical strength, are extremely resistant to heat and have an extensive soldering ability. Therefore, pick those control cables that are resistant to extreme conditions and can last long with no scope for discrepancies.

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