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How to Use Phone Jack Cables to Extend USB Cables?

Your USB cable that comes along with your device is short to reach the USB port from a reasonable distance, but you cannot do anything for that. Can you? Of course, there is a solution to every problem and this one is curable. Many of us are tired of these small cables and so, we brought some solution to this to set them free. The only skill you required for this is soldering. You can recycle the old phone cables in the process. Or else you have an option to buy cables from USB Extension Cables suppliers in your town.

Kindly note - if you have great soldering skills, then you can follow this guide. People having zero knowledge about soldering basics should call professionals who will do it for them.

Things Required

  • Soldering device
  • Electrical tape
  • Heat shrink tubing (optional)
  • Cutting pliers
  • USB cable for extension
  • Regular telephone cable

Do check the telephone cable you got has four pins it it.

How to prepare?

Cut the USB cable directly in half and get as close to the connector as possible, cut off the phone cable connectors.

Your cables are ready to strip. Take off the outer jacket only to let the inner wires come out using cutting pliers.

Soldering is the next task

Just for your knowledge, coloring of the wires never matter. You just need to assure that colors you matched up between the USB cables and phone cable are same on both sides. For instance, if you have black wire in USB cable going to be green wire in the phone cable, the other side should be black USB wire going to be green phone wire.

Solder each wire of the USB cable to the each wire of the phone cable. Make sure all four should be soldered properly.

Once soldering is done, cover the connection with electrical tape, so that no bare wire will get exposed. Test the soldered wire by plugging the USB cable in your device and check if it really transfers data or charges your device. If everything seems normal, you are done.

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