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Explaining meaning of colors and letter for electric wirings

If you wanted to install wires properly then accurate letters and color coding is required. They should be perfectly used by electric appliances, systems for safe and efficient functions. But make sure that you have basic knowledge about wires and cable color coding for refined results. In case, you are not sure let us discuss about wire specifications in detail here.

Hot and exposed wires by leading wire manufacturers India

1) Different color has different meanings and applications. Black wires are hot wires and frequently used to feed outlet switch. Remember that these wires should never be used for grounding activities.
2) Next is red wires whose working is almost same as of black wires and they are utilized for ceiling fans. They run over 220 volt power and they can also be used as interconnectors.
3) Other common wires that are used as hot wires are blue and yellow colored wires. Blue wiring is generally used to control travelling application and yellow wires are necessary to control fans, light, outlets etc.
4) Next type is green wires that comes under the category of copper or exposed cables and best utilized for grounding installations. They are connected with junction box due to safety reasons.

In few cases, special electrical systems have their own color coding and they are different from basic calculations. In this case, help manual is availed by wires manufacturers India to help you. One more type of wire is white in color and it is commonly taken as neutral wire. It is usually covered with red or black tape inside electrical appliance.

Besides color, there are special letter specifications for wires and cables. If a wire is labeled THWN then it is heat and fire resistant. If some wire is THHN labels then it is suitable for indoor installations. To get detailed idea on special type of coding, it is better to contact power cable manufacturers for satisfactory results.

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