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Ultracab: Power Cable Manufacturers For The Best Power Cable Solutions

Ultracab Wires is a Leading Power Cable Manufacturers India. Find The Best Power Cable Solution from Reputed Power Cable Manufacturing Company of India.

XLPE or cross linked polyethylene is one of the best materials for cabling these days. This is considered best for insulation because the molecules of XLPE do not easily deform when exposed to high temperature. The XLPE molecules are bonded over a three dimensional network and have strong resistance to high voltage flow of current or to electricity shocks. Some of the primary advantages of power cables made by power cable manufacturers are

There are fire retardant
XLPE power cable manufacturers are made from touch raw materials which do not easily catch fire. The low dielectric property of these cables reduces the chances of earth leakages. The XLPE power cable manufacturers can provide you with cables which can operate under normal (90 degree centigrade), emergency (130 degree centigrade) to highly critical conditions like short circuits (250 degree centigrade.)

These are easy to install
XLPE power cable manufacturers ensure that the cables ate light and can be easily moved from one place to another. The cables can be quickly installed as the process of splicing and uninstalling is not as complex as that of PVC and thermoplastic cables. The XLPE power cables can be installed anywhere, whatever be the height or chemical environment; XLPE power cables do not contain oil and hence are reactive when used in the oil and drilling units.

These are anti-corrosive
The XLPE power cable manufacturers do not place a metal sheath on the cables and hence these are free from the vices of corrosion and fatigue. The XLPE cables are can be used as underground connecting units as these are rust free. Hence you can rely on these cables for a long time without the need of frequent repair or replacement. Now though XLPE has all the above mentioned qualities, only a high grade ALPE cable can provide you with all the benefits. Now how to ensure that you are getting the best XLPE power cable? The top XLPE power cable manufacturers ask you to check the following factors before making a purchase decision-

Check the technology used
XLPE power cables should be manufactured using the latest technology, which involves use of an integrated high performance extrusion line. This consists of a triple layer cross head and a water free curing and cooling vulcanizing process. The use of this kind of technology makes sure that the XLPE power cables are free from contamination and can prevent short circuits.

Complies with international standards
The XLPE power cable manufacturers assure you of cables which made as per the guidelines mentioned in IEC 60502 and IEC 60840. Out of many other specifications, one of the criteria is to have stranded aluminum or copper conductors with blunt juts or edges; as sharp juts can damage the insulation caused by high electric stresses.

Should be tested before delivery
Last but not the least; the XLPE power cable manufacturers suggest that you ensure that the cables have passed the required tests before being delivered. The essential tests which XLPE power cables must pass are partial discharge withstand ability, impulse test withstand ability, moisture resistance capability, overload current test under dielectric stress and thermal cycles.

The different tests employed to check the above properties are-
Routine Tests - Which monitor the overall cable quality?
Type Tests - Which calibrate and validate cable designs?
Special Tests - Check cables conform to performance goals.
After Installation Tests - Check cables are properly installed and are resistant to the existing environmental conditions.

So why wait? Experience a hassle free and safe working environment using cables from the top power cable manufacturers of the Indian market.

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