Extra Flexible FR Wire


Extra Flexible FR Wire

About Extra Flexible FR Wire

Ultracab's Extra Flexible FR House Wires are insulated with flame retardant (FR) PVC compound , specially formulated to provide added safety. This FR PVC Compound has a high oxygen and temperature index. These properties help in restricting the spread of fire even at very high ambient temperatures . This special compound also offers high insulation resistance and dielectric strength.

Special Features

  • Extra Flexible Conductor
  • Compliance to RoHS
  • Anti Rodent PVC (Mouse-Proof)
Advance Features :
Temperature Withstand High Temperature
Flexibility High Flexibility
Insulation Two layers of protection
Insulation Resistivity High Resistivity of Insulation
Copper Purity 99.97% (IACS)

Additional Ultra Triple Protected Wire Properties

Characterstics Standard Typical Values
Critical Oxygen Index ASTM-D 2863 More than 29%
Temperature Index ASTM-D 2863 More than 250ºC

Innovating for a Safer World.