About FR-LSH Wire

Ultracab's FR-LSH Wires are insulated with FLAME RETARDANT LOW SMOKE & HALOGEN PVC compound. Copper conductor, PVC insulated wires are extensively used in residential and commercial buildings. Ultracab with its enhanced Fire Retardant properties of PVC adds special additives in the formulation of this wire. Ultracab Wires have oxygen index of 30% which increases its efficiency in fire fighting. Ultracab FR-LSH Wires have a less than 60% of smoke density rating property with standard of ASTM D 2863. The PVC emits a very less amount of toxic gases like halogen in heavy load and fire conditions. Ultracab Wires are energy efficient as only Electrolytic Copper of 99.97% purity having very low resistance are used thus ensuring low energy losses.

Additional FR-LSH Properties

Characterstics Standard Typical Values
Oxygen Index ASTM-D 2863 More than 29%
Temperature Index ASTM-D 2863 More than 250ºC
Smoke Density Rating ASTM D 2863 Less Than 60%

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