Aerial Bunched Cables

Aerial Bunched Cables

Aerial Bunched Cables is the latest technology and a very unique method used for distributing power to individual consumers by utility service providers like electricity Boards, electricity distributing authorities.

ABC provides higher safety and reliability, lower power losses and ultimate system economy by reducing installation, maintenance and operative cost. This system is ideal for rural distribution and specially attractive for installation in difficult terrains such as hilly areas, forest areas, coastal areas etc. So it is used For power transfer in Rural Areas, in woods and in other localities like narrows streets where the space is limited and in hilly terrains where cost of erection of overhead lines or under ground cable becomes very high.

XLPE/HDPE insulated power conductors of Aluminium are bunched & twisted around bare messenger wire to form the Aerial Bunched Cable. This assembly is directly strung on to distribution pole/towers. Because the cable remains exposed to environment & sunlight (ultraviolet radiation) the insulation is made resistive to UV radiation. The XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene) insulation is black in colour and is stabilized against deterioration caused by exposure to direct sunlight and ultraviolet radiation.


In comparison to bare overhead power distribution lines, ABC has very high reliability in maintaining services because power and neutral conductors are insulated with the best dielectric medium, resulting in the following advantages:

  • High insulation resistance.
  • Negligible leakage currents and low losses.
  • Lower voltage drop, higher current capacities. So, Better Voltage Regulation.
  • Longer spans and longer distance lines are possible with better system stability.
  • ABC cables are much safer than bare Conductors.
  • Total lines costs are reduced.
  • Maintenance is very easy.

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