Telecommunication Cables

Telecommunication Cables

Telecommunication cables consists of LAN Cables, telephone cables and CCTV Camera cables. Our telecommunication cables are highly suitable for all telecommunication applications with minimum cross-talk and least signal interference.

Telephone Cables :

Our telephone cables are available with various sizes and various numbers of pairs varying from 0.4-0.5 mm and no. of pairs starting from 1 pair to 100 pairs suitable for underground applications as well. Also, Ultracab is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of telephone Jelly filled armoured cables which adds feathers to the pride of the nation.

CCTV Cables :

Our CCTV Cables are available in configurations of 3+1 and 4+1 type with optional armouring, shielding and braiding with almost zero signal interference, less cross-talk and purest audio-visual outcomes. With low power consuming conductors, we offer a very high scope of customised development in the same.

LAN Cables :

Ultracab's LAN Cables offer the range of CAT 5e & CAT 6 Cables with optional armouring and shielding. the solid conductors offer low power consumption while its construction allows minimum single interference, cross talk, NEXT losses and very high bandwidth in terms of GHz. also available in shielded & armoured design.

Features :

The conductors are drawn from electrolytic grade copper rods to form bright annealed bare solid copper conductor and insulated with a special grade polyethylene compound on the state-of-the-art extruders. The cores are twisted together with a uniform lay, jacketed with a specially formulated PVC compound. A nylon rip cord provides an effective means of slitting the jacket without damaging the insulation.

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