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Solar Cables Manufacturers and Exporters

Solar energy is the third most crucial renewable source of energy after hydro and wind power in terms of the global installed capacity. This means that the demand for solar cables is on the rise. Ultracab manufacturers are one of the leading exporters and manufacturers of solar cables. Solar cables are used for interconnecting solar panels and other electrical components in a solar photovoltaic system.

Organizations and businesses have begun to go green and they need reliable solar cables manufacturers and exporters for meeting their demands. Ultracab is the fastest growing and leading supplier of solar cables India.

Salient Features of our Solar Cables

We manufacture the highest quality of solar cables for our customers around the world. Our solar cables are-

  • Useful in extreme climatic conditions for consistent performance.
  • Equipped with UV resistance properties for longevity.
  • Free of halogens, meaning in case a fire erupts, there will be low smoke emission and low toxicity. Safe and reliable cables with minimal risks.
  • Recyclable and easily installable meaning ease of handle and use.
  • Flame and fire-resistant which ensures that the cables work for long successfully.
  • Completely suitable for the common connector types.
  • Flexible with stripability for faster installation and ease of use.
  • Conforming to the highest quality standards to ensure mechanical and chemical properties are intact according to the globally accepted benchmarks.
  • Lifetime reliable with working life of over 30 years.
  • Cost-effective with respect to the service they provide.

With the shrinking production costs, solar energy is being seen as a clean, cheap, and reliable source of energy. And, to exploit this naturally available energy source, commercial buildings and residential premises need efficient and long-lasting solar cables.

Some technical properties of the solar cables manufactured by Ultracab manufacturers and exporters are-

  • Extreme weather resistance to work equally good in adverse climatic conditions.
  • Resistance to acids and alkaline chemicals.
  • Mineral oil resistance to ensure long working life.
  • UV and Ozone resistance as solar cables are generally laid out outside in the open.
  • Improved mechanical properties in high-temperature conditions.
  • Better crack resistance for improved longevity.
  • High current-carrying capacity due to high continuous operating temperature.

Leading Provider Of Solar Cables India

Ultracab is a leading provider of solar cables in India and one of the fastest growing exporters of solar cables worldwide. Our customers know us for our quality-conscious methods. We conform to the set quality standards and design cables that are meant to last a lifetime.

Throughout our years of experience, we have catered to many industries and businesses in various sectors for their unique and exclusive cable needs. We have only served satisfaction to our customers and they keep coming back to us for their requirements.

Solar power is the next-big-thing in energy innovation and we want to be the facilitators of such change. Contact us for your solar cable needs today!

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