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Electric Power Cables

Cables are the foremost products manufactured by proficient engineers as per the requirement. Electric power cables are usually used for distribution and power transmission purposes. It is an assembly of one or more individually insulated conductors, which are generally held together with a complete sheath. The assembly can be used for distribution and transmission of electrical power. You can install them as permanent wiring inside buildings, buried underground and run overhead. Flexible range of power cables offered by Ultracab professionals are used for portable devices, machinery, and mobile tools.

Engineers working in Ultracab unit are designing and intending the power cables as per voltage, current to be carried, operating maximum temperature and use of applications required by customers. Ultracab professionals provide extra mechanical strength to electric power cables with double armouring to make them perfect for mining industry. Wind power plant users require UV protected and flexible cable with mechanical tough sheath. This is what Ultracab engineers know and so, they design as per the need of the industry.

You can get the designs on the basis of ratings

Short Circuit Rating

It happens several times that the conductor size require for an installation is decided by its ability to carry short-circuit current instead of sustaining it. When there is short-circuit, a sudden inrush of current for a few cycles is followed by current flow for a short period

Capacity To Carry Current

Current carrying capacity is a significant aspect that helps engineers in selecting the right size of conductor. Voltage drop and short rating is also critical aspect that assists them in selecting the economical and optimum conductor size.

Ultracab electric power cables are worth investing for. You can avail standard cables and wires as per your requirement at competitive rates from Ultracab.

Voltage Drop

Another aspect of power cable conductor design is the allowable maximum voltage drops from source to load.

How Manufacturing Team Intend a Power Cable?

There are several parts of a cable that makers consider while producing electric power cables. The cable mainly has-

  • Insulation
  • Conductor
  • Bedding
  • Lay for multi core cables
  • Braiding
  • Outer Sheath

Insulation given on every cable conductor by PVC, XLPE, and rubber is made of good quality raw materials. The materials are based on operating temperature.

Conductors are the only power carrying path made of different materials. Manufacturers use different type of conductors – Class 1 include solid, Class 2 include stranded, Class 5 include flexible, Class 6 include extra flexible, etc.

Bedding is the inner sheath of the electric power cables. Bedding is mostly used in Multi core cables.

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