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Heavy Duty PVC / XLPE Power & Control Cables

Ultracab is engaged in manufacturing a wide range of LT PVC/XLPE Power & Control Cables that is widely used in various transmission applications. In order to ensure reliability of our cables, our range is engineered precisely to take up extreme load fluctuations in varying voltage.

XLPE power cables is used for power transmission and distribution line with voltage rated at 1100v. comparing with PVC insulated power cable boost not only characteristics of excellent electricity, mechanism, heat and environment stress- resistant and chemical corrosion-resistant, but also has simple structure, light weight, no restriction by laying drop, and high temperature allowance for long-term working.

Construction of PVC / XLPE Cables

  • CONDUCTOR : Conductors are made from electrolytic grade aluminium /copper conforming to IS : 8130, and are compact circular or compact shaped.
  • INSULATION : XLPE Cables are specially made from high grade cross-linked polyethylene for insulation by extrusion In PVC Cables, Special Grade PVC is used in extrusion process.
  • INNER SHEATH : PVC/LD Tape is used for aying up of Core.
  • ARMOURING : Round Wire or Flat Strip is used of Galvanised Iron & Aluminium
  • OUTER SHEATH : Special PVC Sheath of Special ST2 Grade is Used for XLPE Cable & ST1 Grade for PVC Cable.

Advantages of PVC Cables

  • A Non-hygroscopic insulation Almost Unaffected by Moisture.
  • Non Migration of Compound Permitting Vertical Installation.
  • Complete Protection Against Most Forms of Electrolytic and Chemical Corrosion.
  • A Tough and Resilient Sheath with Excellent Fire-Resisting Qualities.
  • Good Ageing Characteristics : Long Life
  • Not Affected by Vibration.

Advantages of PVC Cables

  • These Cables have higher short circuit current rating.
  • Higher emergency over load capacity.
  • Long Life.
  • Tensile Strength for LT-XLPE cable is 1.9 Kg/mm2.
  • Elongation (%) in LT-XLPE Cables is 300-500%.
  • High corrosion resistance in polluted atmosphere.
  • Better properties of resistance to chemical and corrosive gases.
  • Have better properties to withstand vibrations & hot impacts.
  • The moisture resistance of LT-XLPE cables in nearly 100 times than of PVC.
  • Low installation cost because of lightweight dimension.
  • Higher Insulation resistance of these cable is ideal for transmission and distribution of power.
  • Jointing of LT-XLPE cables is easier and quicker.

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