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To general public, wires may seem as a simple electrical product. However, Ultracab professionals know how much sincere dedication and experience it needed to produce efficient cables for proper functioning of electrical equipments through adequate energy supply. Those pvc cables you see in the market are not just intended in a day. Ultracab is among premium pvc cables exporters and the engineers working here use various quality electronic raw materials to prepare each cable.

Several factors help in determining the conductivity properties of the pvc cables. Some of the factors are – the diameter of the conductor filaments, its resistance and the finish of the surface of the conductor. Moreover, the conductors and wires selected by experts are also responsible for the efficient distribution of energy. However, manufacturers don’t create all wires under the same parameters. Each strand of wire used inside the conductor is made from durable and flexible material. This is why Ultracab is considered as a pioneer PVC cables exporter that bring rich quality and efficient cables and wires for domestic as well as corporate use.

PVC has been use as an outer-sheeting and insulating material for a long time. As PVC material has some degree of fire resistance, and resistance to chemicals and oils, it is used in many applications including low power and control uses. Do you know? There are two types of PVC, heat resistance PVC and general purpose PVC with maximum conductivity of 90°C and 70°C respectively.

Being a world class PVC cable exporter, Ultracab supply PVC insulated cables in power distribution, appliance wiring, building wire, machine tool wiring, and flexible cord. Insulation and jacket prepared from PVC own numerous desirable properties, which make the products an ideal insulation and jacketing materials of choice for several common applications.

Pure PVC cables supplied by Ultracab PVC cables exporters are reliable for medium mechanical stress for packaging machine applications and production lines and assembly. These cables offer good resistance to alkalis and acids and hence, they are suitable for use in to food and beverage industry as well.

You will notice minimum abrasion behavior in PVC cables. These are resistance to oil and chemicals and favorite of chemical industry clients.Ultracab, one of the leading PVC cable exporters and manufacturers, offers reliable and weatherproof PVC cables to distinct sectors :

  • Food and beverages
  • Chemical
  • Construction
  • Corporate and more

You can avail the best PVC cables and wires from Ultracab store. Navigate to our products section and select the cables and wires you need for your location. Our engineers will assist you in picking the right product! Share your requirements and get great offers and discounts.

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