Submersible Flat Cable Manufacturers & Exporters

Submersible Flat Cable Manufacturers and Exporters

Ultracab manufactures flat cables keeping in mind the severe conditions in which these are used. Our domain expertise and experience helps us deliver an exclusive range of submersible flat cables to our industrial clients. We are one of the rare submersible flat cable manufacturers and exporters, India who construct these cables with a high-quality material to depart the required properties into them such as- resistance towards rainwater, ingression from small solid foreign particles, etc.

We manufacture 3 core flat cables that are ideal to be used in submersible pumps in deep wells for irrigation through direct burial and for a lot many other applications like drinking water supply, mines, industries, fountains, etc.

Our Submersible Flat Cable Manufacturing Method

Ultracab designs flat cables according to the standard manufacturing practices. The individual conductors are made out of bright electrolytic grade copper. The wires are drawn from the material, are annealed and bunched properly for the sake of flexibility and to provide uniform resistance throughout the cable.

Each copper conductor is individually insulated with a special PVC compound and the cores are laid in a flat position parallel to each other. The outer sheath of the cable is made out of an exclusive grade of abrasion-resistant PVC compound impregnable to oil, water, grease, etc. This helps the cables last long without any glitches in their functioning. The cables are then marked with information such as their brand name, voltage grade, and size.

Our submersible flat cables have a quality that is backed by our years of experience in manufacturing cables of various kinds for our customers in and around India. Ultracab manufacturing services make flat cables that are durable and reliable. We provide submersible flat cables to our customers at the most competitive prices.

Differentiators Of Ultracab's Submersible Flat Cables

Ultracab as submersible flat cable manufacturers and exporters ensures quality and cost-effectiveness. Here are some of the factors why our customers consistently prefer us for their cable needs :-

  • We deliver cables with high mechanical strengths.
  • Our cables are resistant to DC voltage effects.
  • Our cables are flexible and provide the best connectivity.
  • We deliver submersible flat cables that are abrasion-resistant and age-resistant.
  • Our cables have a smooth finish.
  • We deliver cables that are easy to install, handle, and connect.
  • Our cables have a great resistance to oil and water.
  • They boast of excellent chemical and electrical properties.
  • Our submersible flat cables are power-efficient and thus, cost-efficient.
  • We provide the best quality cables at competitive rates.

Ultracab's facility is run by experienced subject matter engineers who know their craft well. Our engineers help us deliver the quality that you look for. We are adept at delivering cables in various thicknesses, colors, and capacities. And, thus, we are able to handle a variety of needs of our customers around the world.

Cable products are the backbone of many industries and play a vital role in numerous operations. Make sure that your needs are met by manufacturers who realizes the importance of a good-quality cable in your business.

Ultracab is one of the leading exporters, India of submersible flat cables around the world. Contact us with your local or overseas requirements today!

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