Submersible Winding Wires

Submersible Winding Wires

We also offer poly wrapped winding wire commonly known as "Submersible Copper Winding Wire". The copper conductor is wrapped with thin polyester film and Biaxial oriented poly propylene (BOPP) films. The most modern plant with sophisticated wrapping heads and heat shrinkage furnace is installed to get uniform covering. A complete quality assurance testing by instruments covering all governing standards is available. The test standards followed are IS 8783:1995.

Application :

Used in submersible pumps motors of all sizes for domestic and industrial application.

Packaging :

Available in coil form with suitable length as per size, in polythene bag and packed in inner and outer corrugated boxes.

Special Salient Features :

  • Saves energy - ETP grade high conductivity annealed copper used
  • Tear resistant - High mechanical strength - High tensile strength
  • Heat shock test-at 150°C
  • Less current leakage - No air gap between the films.
  • Each coil tested at 3500 V
  • Easy winding - Resistance annealed copper and controlled OD

Testing Facilities :

The quality assurance having all the testing facilities with ultra-modern, high precision instruments and rigorous testing plans. Details of test which conforms to IS 8783 (Part 4/Sec. 3} is as follows.

Sr. No. Name of the Tests Units Instruments Used
1 Size (Diameters) mm Micrometer
2 Elongation PercentagePercentage Tensile tester
3 Conductor resistance Ohm / KM Resistance meter
4 Volume resistivity Ohm - cm Million mega meter
5 High voltage test kV High voltage tester
6 Thermal ageing Change in elongation & tensile Ageing oven and tensile tester
7 Shrinkage test Percent Circulating hot air oven
8 Water absorption mg/cm2 Vacuum oven and pump desecrator
9 Hot deformation Percent Circulating hot air oven
10 Heat shock test No sign of cracks / scales / separation of layers Circulating hot air oven and mandrels

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