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Wires and Cables Manufacturers in Rajkot, Gujarat, India

Ultracab is among most reputed wires and cables manufacturers in the world that is committed to safety, quality and service with no compromise. Since cable design and performance standards have become rigorous, Ultracab experts work to extreme lengths to ensure that clients can avail unparalleled levels of product performance. This has helped the company to get listed among top wires and cables exporters.

Vision of Ultracab

Ultracab is a reliable partner to its customers, meeting their expectations by providing vast product knowledge and quality service to produce superior cable, wire, and assembly products with integrity and dedication.

The mission of the company is to exceed customer expectations by giving attention to the details and continuous production capabilities.

Why you should choose Wires and Cables Exporters as your cable partner?

Engineers working at the facility are assisting in custom constructions. All the products manufactured at the facility are first quality checked by experts before final dispatching. All the deliveries meet the schedule and make customers happy. We serve customers in all industries, including agriculture, food processing, aerospace, defense, broadcasting, petroleum, automobiles, robotics, utilities, oil refinery, medical instrumentation, etc.

Ultracab cables cover a wide range of applications including

  • House wiring
  • Commercial building
  • LV supply for domestic premises
  • Railways
  • Public buildings
  • Tunnel lighting
  • Lighting and signaling for airfields and motorways

All our cables confirm international and customer specifications. Our products are applied extensively in the construction industry, with a comprehensive range of house-wiring, hospitals, etc. Our technicians intend all products using custom engineered polymeric compounds that are often needed to achieve challenging performance characteristics.

Management at Ultracab

Engineers and technicians working at the unit are experienced and have gained quality expertise in their job. They work with utmost attention to deliver the custom wiring and cable solutions to global clients.

Being one of the leading wires and cables manufacturers, Ultracab has a list of products. There are many cable products that you won’t find online, but you can avail them by visiting the store. Share your requirements with the pioneer wires and cables exporters and avail best offers.

Write your specifications and mail it to the support desk to avail free quote.

Ultracab is one of the leading wires and cables manufacturers and Exporters in Rajkot, Gujarat. Contact us best quality wires with your local or overseas requirements today!

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