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XLPE Power

Ultra Cab Wires Company is a premium xlpe power cable supplier and manufacturer in India. XLPE power cables are produced using fine quality raw material and cutting edge technology at par with international standards. XLPE cables are processed products made with cross linked polyethylene. These cables have got major attention of the consumers due to its low dielectric loss.

Characteristics and advantages of XLPE Cables

XLPE power cables India are intended with supreme materials to provide exceptional benefits to the users, such as :

Excellent physical and electrical properties

XLPE power cable exporters explain their products as transmission and distribution lines. These power cables possess excellent physical and electrical properties.

Capability of carrying heavy current

As XLPE cables are resistant to thermal deformation and made with anti aging formula, these products are able to carry large currents under 90°C, 130°C, and 250°C temperatures.

Easy in installation

XLPE power cables are easy to install. These power cables have capacity to withstand smaller radius bending and are lighter in weight. The splicing and terminating methods used for XLPE power cables in India are comparatively simpler than other cables.

No height limitations and maintenance

XLPE based cables and wires can be installed at any location with no special consideration of the route profile. This is due to its oil free design that makes the cable protected against failures happen due to oil migration in oil-filled cables.

No need of metallic sheath

XLPE cables don’t need metallic sheath. This is why these cables are strong and do not corrode and protected against fatigue.

Ultracab engineers use latest technology trends to intend XLPE cables and prepare efficient products for various industries and applications.

These are tested cables and users can constantly use them for high and medium voltages for several years. XLPE power cable suppliers provide these products to builders and construction industries, hotel and restaurants, commercial building, etc. Being a leading power cable exporter, Ultra cab staff of engineers performs several tests to ensure the quality of XLPE power cables. The types of tests are-

  • Routine tests – to monitor the functioning and quality standards of the product
  • Type test- to calibrate and validate cable design type
  • Special tests – to ensure key design changes to cables and conform to efficient performance thresholds
  • Post installation tests- to determine and ensure that cables are functioning in optimum conditions.

To source XLPE power cables of good quality, you can write your requirements to Ultracab professionals. Do it today, there are many deals waiting for you!

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